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1. Choose one of your OC's
2. Answer each question truthfully
3. Tag 3 or more people after completing this tag
1.) What's the name of your character? Kana Lein.

2.) Tell us about your character.
She's a twentysomething journalist and earthbound angel in a dystopian overcapitalist world.

3.) How did you make your character up?
She's been with me for awhile, so it's hard to remember what sparked her, exactly... I believe I drew a random pair of people in suit and ties who had angel wings. The idea kind of stuck and slowly, I developed her from there.

4.) Is it easy drawing your character?
Pretty easy, though I could use more practice with her wardrobe. I did an eight-expressions drawing meme for her, and it wasn't too difficult.

5.) When did you make your character up?
A long time ago.

6.) What inspiration(s) brought your character to life?

7.) Is your character dear to you? If so, how come?

8.) If you were forced to compare your character to another, who would you compare him/her/it to?

9.) Is your character related to you in any way? Personality? Problems? Traits?

10.) If your character came to life, what would you do?

11.) Is your character a hero or a villain? How do you see them as?

12.) If your character a part of any particular story you made up?

13.) What song/movie/book/play do you think of when you imagine your character?

14.) Would your character play well if him/her/it had his/her/its own book or film?

15.) Make up your own question.

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