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List 10 characters
1. Phoenix Wright
2. Miles Edgeworth
3. Maya Fey
4. Apollo Justice
5. Ema Skye
6. Klavier Gavin
7. Franziska von Karma
8. Mia Fey
9. Dick Gumshoe
10. Larry Butz

1. Characters [4], [9] and [10] are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who wins?
[Apollo, Gumshoe, and Larry] Whoa, unlikely timeline crossover! Let's pretend everyone is the age we recognize them as. I'd like to think they play some version of Street Fighter: Steel Samurai version, and Apollo comes out on top because he's a total fucking gamer. Larry would be a strong contender, though. Sorry Gumshoe, but I'm sure he's a good sport.

2. Make up an e-mail address for [6].
[Klavier Gavin] achtungbaby@da.lacounty.gov
He should probably put something more recognizable, like kgavin@da.lacounty.gov, but he's a fucking rock god. He does what he wants.

3. If [8] had an iPod or some kind of music player, what kinds of songs would you find in it?
[Mia Fey] "Love In the First Degree" by Bananarama. Mia has a secret love of cheesy eighties hits. "because I'm guilty, guilty of love in the first degree"
Also, my headcanon has reason to believe that she's into singer/songwriter type-stuff. Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Sara Bareilles--that sort of thing.

4. What would you do if [9] suddenly paid you a visit?
[Dick Gumshoe] First, I would hope it's movie!Gumshoe BECAUSE HE IS BEAUTIFUL AND HEROIC; second, I would certainly hope I'm not the prime suspect of a murder. ...Well, that might also mean that Edgeworth is prosecuting me, which is TOTALLY okay.

5. Do you think [6] and [4] are made for each other?
[Klavier and Apollo] LOL YES. YES and more yes. I mean they have the obligatory defense attorney protagonist/prosecutor rival slash relationship. Which was not-so-subtly thrown at our faces. But aside from the fact that these two were pretty much created to be a second-gen Phoenix and Miles, I do think they could be best bros. They've already played an intense game of Super Smash Bros. (I assume...) in the official art.

6. [1] challenges [3] to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how?
[Phoenix and Maya] Hahaha, what kind of duel, exactly...? You called it a duel, so I'm seeing a Yu-Gi-Oh card match. Which Maya will win, obviously, because she's an otaku. Nick will try to predict her strategy using his poker champion skills, and will almost turn it around right at the last minute--but come on. It's Maya. Nick never had a chance.

7. [7], [2] and [1] order a pizza. What toppings does each one request, and what do the others think of the choices?
[Franziska, Edgeworth, and Phoenix] Franziska demands arugula and sun-dried tomatoes, while Miles prefers roasted artichoke and a wine-infused sauce. Their choices match well, and of course the restaurant customizes everything. Phoenix is too worried about how much this gourmet pizza will cost to care about which toppings he wants.

8. What subject would [1] teach if s/he were a teacher/professor? Would s/he be good at it?
[Phoenix] Um, law? (What I wouldn't give to have Professor Wright in law school...) LAW 685: Turnabout Methods for Lawyers - a problem oriented course that applies modern analytical methods and turnabout theory to real-world cases in order to develop an understanding of how students can creatively turn the situation around.
And obviously, he would be amazing at it. Didn't you see how much Apollo learned?

9. [5] and [10] go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do?
[Ema and Larry] Whoa, crack much?? Ema drags Larry to the California Science Museum (he feigns interest because he thinks she's cute), then they have lunch at Gourd Lake and eat Tonosamanju. They both have a nice time, but decide to hang out as friends for the next one.

10. [8] sings karaoke and dedicates a song to [7]. What song would s/he dedicate and why?
[Mia and Franziska] She chooses Fuckin' Perfect by P!nk because Mia is perceptive enough to see the real person behind Franziska's fierce exterior, and the song is totally about her.

11. How would [8] court [6]?
[Mia and Klavier] Okay, well let's ignore the fact that Klavier was only 15 when Mia died, and even if she was still around they have a twelve-year age difference. Let's just take them at their first appearance ages. Klavier gets a lot of female attention, but Mia's pretty...unforgettable. All she would have to do is blow his mind in court (no pun intended). They'd be a pretty badass crack ship...

12. Describe the relationship between [2] and [8] in the canon. Would you change it? Why?
[Edgeworth and Mia] They have each other's trial virginity! HELL NO I WOULD NOT CHANGE THAT. Because if there's one hetero!Miles pairing I could ever seriously ship, it's MiaxMiles. They were each other's first. That is just way too adorable.

13. In your list, who do you think is the perfect match for [3] and why?
[Maya Fey] Franziska von Karma. They're the same age, but they're complete opposites--carefree and easygoing genki girl meets intense and high-pressured ice queen. And beneath those more apparent qualities are two personalities that complete each other: Maya is accepting and faithful--which is just what Miss Perfectionist needs in order to learn how to ease up and accept herself; Franziska's ambition and strength of will is what Maya needs to build her self esteem and work harder at her goals.

14. [2] has a dream where [10] tells him/her to save [1], who is facing certain doom. What would [2] do?
[Edgeworth, Larry and Phoenix] Gahh, this needs to be fanfic'd!! Well, Miles would definitely question the source--a warning from Larry? It's just a bad dream. Probably from having to deal with him in middle of the most stressful situations. But his puppylike protectiveness of his bby Nick is enough to look into it. What he does depends on the nature of this "certain doom," but he's got powerful connections in pretty much the local and international law enforcement at his disposal, so whatever it is he's got it. (Unless it's Phoenix's disbarment. Then the canon gods of Capcom have decreed that Miles can't do a thing. Sob.)

15. [9] and [6] are about to get married, until [3] crashes their wedding and abducts [9] against his/her will. [6] follows them, but must forge an uneasy alliance with his/her archrival, [1]. They must then hijack some form of transportation from [8] in order to get to [3]'s lair, where they must fight against [3]'s evil zombified minions. What will happen next?
[Gumshoe and Klavier, Maya, Phoenix, Mia] What--I don't even--Really??
MAYA: Well, I see you've made it all the way here... In--what? Why'd you steal my sister's car to get here?? Don't you have a badass motorcycle of your own?
KLAVIER: Ja, well, you see, Fraulein...
PHOENIX: Anyway! What's with you, Maya? I had to put up with this diva here all day so we could get Gumshoe back--
KLAVIER: Kidnapping is a felony, my dear--I'm sure you know that.
MAYA: I know! I I had to... I just--I just can't accept this ship! You two aren't meant for each other!
KLAVIER: Well this is a crack!fic, as I'm sure you're aware... So I'll just have my detective back and we'll be on our way, ja?
GUMSHOE: Mr. Gavin! Mr. Wright! Look out--she signed a deal with Capcom to borrow the Resident Evil zombies! I hope you've come armed! ...I would have shot my way out of here, but I need to conserve my ammo...
PHOENIX: Zombies?! Really...? Well, good thing I've been in a fighting game. I'll handle this.
HORDE OF ZOMBIES enter. PHOENIX executes a Level 3 Hyper Combo. ZOMBIES are obliterated.
AUTHOR decides she's had enough of this ridiculousness and stops writing. I guess I didn't really answer what happened next...

16. [8] receives a gift from [9]. Does s/he open it or not? If so, what is inside?
[Mia and Gumshoe] Sure, why not? Inside is a box full of confetti and the fanciest pack of instant noodles he could afford. There's also a note that says, "I'm going on vacation next week, pal! I won't be here to throw out confetti when you help Wright win, so here it is in advance!"

17. [4] is walking home when s/he sees a cute fluffy creature, which promptly begins rubbing itself against his/her legs. Will s/he kick it away, or take it home?
[Apollo] OF COURSE Apollo has a soft spot for cute, cuddly things (because he's a cute, cuddly thing himself...!). It's the cat from the Meraktis garage in Case 4-2. He doesn't intend to take it home, but it won't stop following him...maybe he'll introduce it to Trucy. She'll probably love to take care of it.

18. [8] is dared by [4] to strip while pole-dancing in front of [7]. Write a short dialogue about this.
[Mia, Apollo, Franziska]
(Everyone is visibly drunk)
MIA: Are you sure that isn't for your own benefit?!
APOLLO: I won't look, I promise.
FRANZISKA: Wh...what are those two whispering about...? (beat) M-Maya? You look...different...

19. What smiley/emoticon would best describe [5]?

20. If you had the chance to rewrite [1]'s life, how would you change it?
[Phoenix] UM, HOW ABOUT NOT GETTING DISBARRED? and I would add more Edgeworth to his life. Because they deserve each other.

fandom: Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban

Favorite character: Miles Edgeworth! ..and Franziska! And Apollo! And Phoenix! and Maya! ...I really can't just pick one. Edgeworth was definitely my first favorite, though.
Least favorite character: HANDS OFF MY OTP, WENDY OLDBAG!! ...I mean, I'm sorry, please just...please don't touch my Edgeworth. I mean Nick's Edgeworth. Really.
Character with the best hair: Nick and Maya! Maya's is the most fun to draw, anyway. Nick's is unforgettable, but probably every fanartist's nightmare.
Character with the best eyes: Miles Edgeworth's stormy-grey eyes. Full of intelligence and angst. Le sigh
Character with the best smile: Klavier's is pretty irresistible. In the movie, NARUHODOU-KUN. He can do the freaking :3 it's so cute I want to eat him asdfj;askl
Character I'd most want to kiss: Apollo--I, uh, confess that I kind of ship him with myself. I used to be in love with Miles but then I decided I prefer him gay and with lips for Phoenix only.
Character I'd most likely fuck: Klavier Gavin, god of rock. and sex, obviously.
Character I'd make lunch for: Gumshoe! Seriously my dear, you need to eat better.
Character I'd go singing in the rain with: Mayaaa, because I think we'd do something silly like that.
Character I'd go shopping with: Ema! She has the cutest fashion sense! I would also bring Franziska, because...those puffy shoulders have got to go.
Character I'd go dancing with: I can only assume Miles knows how to ballroom dance. But I don't. I still want to dance with him akldsjf;a
Character I'd take over the world with: MATT ENGARDE, OBVIOUSLY. best villain ever, Kristoph is the other best villain ever, but he scares the bejeezus out of me.
Character I most want to see more of: Franziska? Grown-up Maya? And I'm praying Edgeworth makes it into GS5. No we have not had enough of him. There is no such thing.

Favorite character: Miles Edgeworth
Why I like them
He and his ruffles stole my heart the moment he made his first argument in Turnabout Sisters. He was so ruthless, but his character just screamed, "I WILL DEVELOP AS THE STORY PROGRESSES!" Of course, the tragic backstory and relationship with Phoenix just confirmed and added to all of this. He's classy and coldly intelligent, yet when he's got his feathers ruffled (no pun intended) he's just the cutest thing ever. He's also completely clueless when it comes to his many admirers--except one.

Why I don’t
Well, I certainly wasn't pleased with his former "put every criminal in jail" ethic. I suppose it's not really an issue in the Ace Attorney world, where criminals are strange people with strange motives (and you can get by on an instant ramen salary) but I happen to believe that crime, for the most part, is the result of poverty and deep-seated social problems. Criminals are as much the victims of society as their victims are of them.
...But hey, he turns himself around eventually. One thing I definitely dislike about him is the way his dialogue was translated in AA: Investigations. He's a well-read man, for godsakes. He's got to be more eloquent than that!

Favorite episode (scene if movie, book, manga, etc)
Favorite single scene? When he heroically makes his entrance in JFA! I almost dropped my DS from all the feels.
As for specific case: Bridge to the Turnabout, Turnabout Goodbyes, Rise from the Ashes, Turnabout Reminiscence--okay, okay, if I had to pick one it would probably be Case 3-5. Aside from stepping into his P.O.V. for a bit, the NaruMitsu subtext is off the charts. It's not even subtext. It's text.

Favorite season/movie/book/volume
That's...a little harder to choose. Too bad the localization of Gyakuten Kenji sucked, or that could easily be my favorite for Edgeworth-related reasons. I guess I'd have to say GS1 is still my favorite, since you get to watch him develop from Mr. Ruthless Prosecutor to the cuddly crimefighter we know and love.

Favorite line

yeah miles thanks to you i will forever be saddled by these unnecessary feels as well

He has the best lines, though. It's tough picking just one.

PHOENIX AND MILES it's canon fuck you all
also, if Gumshoe was as hot as he was in the movie like all the time, I could support that. they've got a Sherlock/Watson thing going, kind of.

Franziska and Miles! They're adorable.

Head Canon (I have so much of it it's not even funny)
Franziska took Miles as her date for her European-equivalent-of-high-school-prom. She wasn't really allowed a normal childhood, but for that one event, she insisted on going ("Oh please, Daddy? Just this once?"). Manfred finally allowed it--she is his Daddy's Little Girl, after all. She didn't approve of any of the boys in her class (they were all older than her, but she considered them infantile and immature), so she took the one boy in her life whom she had respect for.

Phoenix has that hat that says "PaPa" on it, because he's Trucy's "daddy." Miles has an apron that says "MaMa." Trucy made them both for her adoptive mommy and daddy.
It took Apollo some time to get used to having Edgeworth for a stepmom.

Miles has powerful connections in nearly every branch of the domestic and international law enforcement, but the one thing he could not do was reverse Phoenix's disbarment. Nick refused to go to him for help at the time, and Miles, who was abroad again, found out through the grapevine. Of course he was pissed. But Nick promised that he had something figured out--it would just take time.

Unpopular opinion
He looks better in a tie...?

A wish
For some sort of confirmation that my OTP was not somehow horribly separated between GS3 and 4... *sob*

An oh-god-please-don't-ever-happen
Disbarment? Commits suicide due to the demons from his past and inner angst?
...Capcom sure did scare me a couple times, though.

5 words to best describe them
"Property of Phoenix Wright"; "Ngoooohh"

My nickname for them
Edgey-kun! Sometimes I feel weird calling him Miles.
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