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All my GS4 love: soo, 2-option otome game starring Ema Skye. Since I can't decide whether I ship Ema/Apollo or Ema/Klavier or both, we'll have the two fight over her love in a 2-route tumblr visual novel (like the pokemon dating sim). 

disclaimer i didnt finish gs5 because it sucked so idk is any of this non canon now or

Scenario: Ema's decided to finally take a second shot at that Forensic Investigator exam. With a few years' experience of grade-A detective work under her belt, she's worked her way up--she just needs that certification.

[light ver. / practice run will just have that plot and stay simple. for a fuller version, add in a trial]
She's got the O.K. to ease up on her casework for awhile to study, but then--a murder!! or some case that Ema feels obligated to work on. And of course, Apollo and Klavier will be facing off in court over it.

4 paths: pursue apollo / pursue klavier / pursue both / pursue neither (platonic threesome)
7 outcomes: apollo fail/success, klavier fail/success, both fail/success, neither just...happens

Apollo: informed by the few ema/apollo fics i've read, I agree that he's sort of bashful and shy but earnest. and utterly adorable. I don't think he's that bashful, though--I see him as generally an extrovert and willing to go out on a limb for her.

Klavier: still exploring this one, so I'll have to develop it more. love/hate thing of course. Ema: he annoys the shit out of me but deep down I care about him; Klavier: i'm a total player, all the ladies love me, whatever--except that one. and of course that's the one he finds himself drawn to, but for reasons based on her personality rather than sheer unattainability. just making that clear. 

If you choose to pursue one over the other, the two won't compete with each other. The story focuses on your relationship with your chosen character only. The "both" arc, however, involves them competing with each other for your affections.. it's a delicate balancing act considering your current friendship with both; success = idk, polyamory? failure = you try to play both of them and end up with none.  The "neither" path means you prioritize the test/case for almost all decision points, and ends with the three of you just staying friends. It sounds boring, but I see it ending in a cute OT3 kind of way.
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