Choose 5 fandoms in random order.

1. Legend of Zelda
2. Ace Attorney
3. Elementary
4. Sherlock (BBC)
5. Kingdom Hearts

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Shipping Meme
1. Platonic!Joanlock (Elementary)
2. Sherliarty (Sherlock BBC)
3. Hilson (House M.D.)
4. Shulk/Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles)
5. US/Nihon (Axis Powers Hetalia)
6. Ike/Soren (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
7. ZeLink (Legend of Zelda -- kind of. Only because I'm getting bored and I'm between games.)
8. ...
9. nope I go down with my ships
10. MaLink (Legend of Zelda; it is so ugh)
11. Irenelock (Sherlock BBC)
12. Cloud/Aerith (FFVII)
13. Riku/Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
14. Lockbell (Elementary)

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h'okay enough shipping for today bye
She stares at me. Raises an eyebrow. She remains still save for that tiny motion of her face, a minor change of expression--it's enough to make me cold. The boredom, the utter indifference. If she'd stared into the abyss itself, she would stand there, just as empty, and raise that eyebrow. Facing down death and nothingness, she would look at it as if to say, "That's it?"

"You mean, there's nothing to live for." I'm trying my best to piece together these excruciating contradictions.

"Well," she shifts in her seat in a sort of shrugging motion, "that's arguable." 

"Then make your argument."

She lets out a great sigh, as if explaining something for the twentieth time. "There is, you see, two kinds of purpose. Positive purpose, and negative."


"To choose to die would be to submit. To give in to the utter injustice of this meaningless existence, in which our only purpose is to seek meaning. I live on--or do my best, anyway--because I'm not going to accept that shit. The simple act of living is a big 'fuck you' to this disgusting universe."

A perfectly sound argument indeed. But there's definitely more to it than that.

I grin knowingly. Leaning back in my seat, I grab the remote and click on the television. Our favorite fictional character is leaning over a table, facing down an adversary--the scene mirrors us. He speaks those unforgettable words:

"Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator."

I click it off. That's all we needed. She looks at me, genuinely confused for a moment. "You know... there's no more love for me."

"Oh, it's not love." My eyes narrow as my grin turns absolutely sinister. "Though, it'd certainly be kinder if it were. No...I have an amendment to our favorite deductionist's words: Hope is a much, much more vicious motivator."
fandom: Sherlock BBC

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fandom: Elementary

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fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles

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Character: SHERLOCK FUCKIN HOLMES bbc version

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Character: Sherlock Holmes CBS AMURRICAN VERSION

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 You can't help but feel a pang of--something, as you push that dollar into the little red tin. The lady in the Santa hat pauses her bell-ringing for just a moment to thank you and wish you "Merry Christmas," and you smile and nod but you can't meet her eye. You swiftly turn and walk away, back to your own business, feeling an unpleasant mix of pride and shame, like two clashing flavors on your tongue. You had almost hesitated, as you gave that small amount; somehow you had been trained to feel like an idiot for the most minimal acts of generosity. Only an idiot opens up their wallet, falls for that "do-gooding" scam. 

Now, this couldn't be less relevant to what you believe. Yet somehow, you feel conditioned to act that way.
my kind of fairy tale.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away...well, a queendom, actually--there lived a princess--who would soon become queen, that is. Anyway, this princess, though young, ruled over her country as fairly and justly as she could. She loved her people, and for that they thrived. But she had a secret. It was a curse, passed down from her mother, and her mother's mother, and so on as far back as her family could remember. It was a terrible one. For though the women of her family would enjoy the blessings of wisdom, intelligence, and the abilities to leader their country well, they could never fall in love with a man. To do so would kill him the moment she opened her heart to him. And a murderer, as intelligent and fair as she may be, could never keep her crown.

And so, each princess, when she comes to power, is given a charm: a magic lock, worn on a chain over her heart. She wears it to keep her heart locked away, with the hope that it never be unlocked.


[I wrote something like this story...somewhere. It's in a notebook somewhere, but not as a fairy tale. Anyway, this is meant to be an allegory for a dilemma women face, rather than another patriarchy-perpetuating Prince Charming story.

Princess Sanae (just a working name, I don't think she'll end up japanese haha) grows up with this curse and this family history. Throughout the princess's childhood, the castle keeps boys her age away from her. She is not to develop any sort of friendship with one, though she may come in brief contact with them when visiting her people. (Acquaintances are fine, because who believes in love at first sight anyway?) True, the queens must procreate to continue the family line, so they agree to diplomatic marriages of convenience as long as there is no love involved. It happens at a certain age when they understand the concept of "I like you a lot, but I don't think I'm in love with you."

Because this is a fairy tale, the family has uncannily been able to keep the curse under wraps. Maybe a bunch of them were lesbians. But a shady figure within the governing body seeks to uncover the nature of the curse and expose it to the queendom. Things go south when Sanae is about 12, and develops an unrequited love for a boy against her better judgement. Tweens, you know how it is. It's someone she can't avoid, like a politician's son maybe. Anyway, her love ends up killing him, the bad guy figures out the curse and exposes it, and she is exiled from the land. It's not fair because she is then given the lock, removing the threat, and the bad guy misrepresents the curse to make the royal women seem like man-eating she-devils. (Insert moment of man-hating extremist feminism here) ...Bad guy takes power and bam, we have a kingdom. sigh. he does a shitty job, let me tell you.

Years later, she is a peasant girl living in some far-off land. She is known as the girl with the iron heart, and she still wears the padlock charm. She is still an intelligent woman with a strong sense of justice, but she seems very cold and distant to other people. One day, a young man she knows finds out about her origins, and the kingdom she is exiled from. He wants to help her, etc: restore her to power, and return her country to the prosperous state it once was. She's not for it, because she's terribly guilty about killing that boy she once loved, and doesn't want anything terrible happening again. But he convinces her by describing the terrible oppression her people are suffering. So she reluctantly agrees, and they get to work on that... But of course, he manages to "melt the ice queen" (tvtropes whutwhuut) and they start to fall in love. oh noo! 

It comes down to a sappy thing like, she desperately wants to love him but obviously, the curse. It would kill him. She has to keep the lock in place. He loves her, and wants to open her heart so that she can finally know what her foremothers have never been able to know: true love. blah blahh---and if he has to die for it, so be it! He would give his life so that he can free her heart. 

and he does that, and bam! somehow that manages to break the curse. let's say he's a keyblade master or something. I have to figure this part out more. (ZeldaxKingdomHearts crossover? crack.)


Soo yeah, that's the gist of it.. As a feminist read, it tries to avoid Prince Charming cliches and the whole "princess has to be saved," etc. so if the guy helps break the curse, it has to be in a way that isn't an "I'm rescuing you!" sort of thing. I think they manage to break it together.

suck it, Disney.
[now excuse me as I go play Kingdom Hearts.]
Sometimes one is pushed to desperate means. wasn't all bad; this wasn't exactly rock-bottom or absolute desperation. It just wasn't the situation she would have expected to find herself in a few months ago. But things had changed since then.

[beginnings of a drabble inspired by the business concept of]
 Another Battlefield

Let's say the character is Minoru, because I haven't placed him anywhere definitive yet.

He keeps waking up in different situations, some in his real-world life and others in the game he plays. When the reader joins him, they expect him to be just as confused and disoriented as they are. But to their surprise, he's skilled and knows how to work the situation with barely any context or understanding of how he got there. Experience made him that way.

Sometimes the situations are from his job or his personal life, both of which are a mess. It's hard to tell at first because they are only glimpses. The online/game situations are usually mid-battle, hence the title "Another Battlefield." He slips into the situation much more naturally and fluidly than the real-world ones. And enthusiastically--he tends to approach many offline situations with detachment, sometimes cold indifference.

As the story progresses, the splintered pieces of his lives (online and off) begin to form some kind of picture. But as the fragments of experience accumulate, the distinction between them blur. This loss of ability to recognize fantasy/virtual from reality doesn't surprise him too much. He knew it was coming.

How did he get this way?
"You've lost interest in this world, haven't you?" For someone to let themselves slip into an immaterial world, they must be broken in some way. Something about the world they live in is not right. It doesn't offer something they need. And that other world, as "unreal" as it may be, provides that missing element. They find what they need in a world separate from reality, and slip deeper and deeper into the dream...

I haven't determined what made Minoru the way he is, but it's definitely some dark experience. Something jarring enough to cause this mental illness of sorts, too. 

Other characters/relationships:
Offline, there is a concerned and strong-willed girl who senses something wrong and hopes to save him from it. Ambiguous relationship--okay, just 'cause there's a girl doesn't mean she's in love with him or whatever. Gender-socialized cliche, much. She doesn't express any romantic feelings but does care a great deal. Wake up, Minoru. This world still needs you here.

Online, there's a devoted battle partner. He doesn't gush sensitivity but he definitely cares about Minoru. Ambiguous relationship in the sense that there's lots of bromance/ho-yay potential (actually...why don't we just make this a BL story?). Think...IkexSoren. Anyway, he is the biggest reminder of what Minoru's contribution and importance to the game world is. But he (painfully) knows that Minoru has another life to take care of as well. Is it more important? Equally? He is an NPC...or so we think? Maybe at the end it's revealed that he's another player and they could possibly meet in the real world. If we're going the BL route.

Themes: Okay, How Images Think must be getting to me or something, because this seems to be tackling conventional and new understandings of the real and the virtual. Is Minoru more accountable to his offline world because it's "reality," and the online is not? Is there a legitimate guilt in submitting to fantasy? To a dream? 

It's dark.


I open my eyes and blink until the scene comes into focus. A boardroom, full of important-looking people. Business suits. Glass walls; views overlooking the city. A dozen humorless gazes...directed at me.

"Mr. Honda. Is my proposition causing you some...difficulty?" Across the table and a seat to the right; a look of balanced disinterest under a creased brow and fringes grey with experience.

I swallow, but I'm not grasping for a script. This one is an easy read.

"Excuse me, Mr. Tajima,"--I venture the name as it is conveniently written on the nameplate before him--"I was lost in thought for a moment. Would you mind rephrasing it so I am sure I understand you correctly?"

"Ah yes, we must be sure we are on the same page! I simply mean that =================================

basically: a consciousness that fades in and out of situations and worlds; you are continuously waking up and finding yourself in either the fantasy or the real. You've grown skilled enough to find your bearings and act appropriately whenever this happens, but little by little you are losing your ability to recognize which world is which.

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