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I reiterate: I ship everyone with everyone.

1: Phoenix Wright
2: Dick Gumshoe
3: Klavier Gavin
4: Miles Edgeworth
5: Apollo Justice

6: Maya Fey
7: Ema Skye
8: Franziska Von Karma
9: Mia Fey
10: Trucy Wright

1: [2] finds [7] crying. What does [2] do?

GUMSHOE is headed down a hallway when he spots EMA sitting quietly on a bench. He stops abruptly and turns.
GUMSHOE: Hey Pal! What're you doing here? I thought you were with Mr. Wright?
He starts as he notices she's been crying.
GUMSHOE:Oh, h-hey! Is something wrong?
Ema hastily rubs her eyes before looking up.
EMA: Oh, hi Detective Gumshoe. Mr. Wright is checking for a file in that room over there... Sorry--I'm fine.
GUMSHOE: (looking genuinely concerned) Are you sure?
EMA: Yeah. It's just...this case, and I'm so worried about my sister...we've been running around all day. I guess I'm just a little tired.
Gumshoe scratches his head thoughtfully. Then he remembers something, and grins.
GUMSHOE: I know! Here, I've got a dollar. We've got a vending machine around the corner, why don't you grab something? Might help.
EMA: (brightening) Do they have chocolate Snackoos?
He digs around in his coat pocket for a bit, then hands her a crumpled dollar bill.
GUMSHOE: Here ya go.
EMA: Are you sure, Detective Gumshoe? You look a little hungry yourself.
GUMSHOE: Yeah, well, I know how you feel. Sometimes I get so tired and hungry I want to cry myself.
EMA: (rubs her eyes again, for good measure.) Aw, thanks, Detective! (Accepts the dollar.) I'll split it with you!

2 : [1] and [6] are out on a date when [5] spots them. How does [5] react?

APOLLO, TRUCY, and KLAVIER are eating dinner together at the hip noodle house downtown. PHOENIX and MAYA enter the restaurant, but remain in the background.
TRUCY: (Mouth full) How's your ramen, Mr. Gavin?
KLAVIER: Not bad at all. Excellent choice, Fraulein.
Trucy grins.
APOLLO: Hey! Coming here was my idea!
Klavier pays him a snarky response, but Apollo doesn't hear. He's suddenly noticed the couple taking their seats across the room. They seem very familiar with each other. He freezes, a noodle hanging from the corner of his mouth.
TRUCY: What's wrong, Polly?
APOLLO: (Still staring) ...Say, have you ever had, like...a stepmom?
TRUCY: Haha! No way. Unless you count Mr. Edgeworth. ...Why do you ask?
Apollo looks away the moment he thinks his boss is about to turn in his direction. He plucks the noodle from his mouth.
APOLLO: Uh, just wondering I guess. (To himself) W-was that Mr. Wright? Who the heck is that girl? ...Nevermind. Just eat your noodles, Justice.

3 : [3] walks in when [8] is changing. What happens?

KLAVIER busts in the door, clearly worked up about something. Pretend the following exchange is entirely in German.
KLAVIER: Fraulein! I need to know where--
He freezes. The scene that meets his eyes: An empty coffee mug on the desk. Evidence of spilled coffee on the carpet, recently cleaned up. A coffee-stained blouse draped across Franziska's chair. And FRANZISKA, holding a clean blouse--in her hands. Before he realizes what he's walked in on, Franziska has already grabbed her whip.
KLAVIER: (Ducks out the door just as the whip strikes, with full force, the spot where he had been standing.) (Calls into the room.) Shit! Sorry!
FRANZISKA: (From inside the room) Idiot! There is a REASON why you KNOCK FIRST.
KLAVIER: Right you are, I--I'll come back later.
He starts to leave, but the door opens suddenly. Franziska stands in the doorway--fully dressed--glaring at her subordinate.
FRANZISKA: No, it's fine. What do you want?

4 : [1], [2], [4], [7], and [10] are in a car. What's going on?

GS3!PHOENIX, GS3!GUMSHOE, GS3!EDGEWORTH, GS4!EMA, and GS4!TRUCY are piled into Ema's Honda Civic. It's a tight squeeze. The girls are in the front seat while the boys sit uncomfortably in the back. Miles has the honor of the middle seat.
TRUCY: They sure look cramped back there. Doesn't Mr. Edgeworth have a nice car? Why didn't he drive us today?
EMA: (annoyed as usual) It's a two-seater. And since no one else drives, I get to be chauffeur. (to the backseat) Everyone's helping pay for gas, right?
Phoenix and Gumshoe both glance sideways at Edgeworth.
PHOENIX: I'm kinda broke until my current case is done.
GUMSHOE: You cut my pay again, sir.
Edgeworth lets out something between a growl and a sigh.
EDGEWORTH: Worry not, Ema. Your gas is covered for our trip today.
EMA: (Grins) You're the best, Mr. Edgeworth!

5 : [6] walks in on [1] and [9] in a bedroom. What happens?

PHOENIX: How about this one?
MIA: ...Considering how many office all-nighters we pull, a couch-bed WOULD be a good idea...
MAYA walks into the bedroom department holding a lamp.
MAYA: Look at this! It's touch-activated AND within budget!
MAYA: ..the author really doesn't sail this ship, does she?

6 : While [3], [5], and [10] are cleaning, they find a photo book full of embarrassing pics of [2]. What happens?

7 : [8] and [4] are playing a video game. Who wins?

8 : [9], [7], [1], [2], and [6] are having a race. Who would win?

9 : [10] kisses [3] in front of [8]. What happens?

10 : [1] and [6] are now tagging four people to do this meme. Who do they tag??

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